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Holistic Healing

The mind can be seen as the computer hardware, the beliefs and thoughts as software, and our lives (experiences) as the screen. Negative programmes/beliefs/thoughts in your unconscious mind can be compared to virus programmes in a hard drive of a computer. It's only when you clear the virus that the computer works to its full potential. Clear your mind from all that you are not to get the life you want.

In Natalia’s Holistic Healing session, analytical psychotherapy is applied to understand your inner world and early experiences. This helps to develop a mind map and uncover the triggers that define the negative beliefs/habits/behaviours that cause a symptom.

Once the core root of an issue is identified, mind reconstruction of the underlining causes is required. A light trance, soothing energy healing, techniques (like NLP, Hypnosis, visualisation) are used to achieve your goal.

Throughout a session, you remain fully awake, relaxed in dialogue and connection.

Natalia’s relation with you in the session

I fully accept and appreciate all that you are with your unique ways of thinking and being.

I believe everyone is a supreme being and there is no fault. Fault is a delusion that separates you from who you truly are. My mission is to help you clear that delusion, to free yourself from all that you are not. To realign you with your True Self, your true beauty and power. My intention is that you attain unconditional happiness, love, freedom, abundance and all your heart desires.

Integrative approaches within Natalia’s Holistic Healing session

Psychotherapy and Counselling: psychoanalytic talking therapy allows us to work out what is ‘stored’ within and cause ‘a system to crash or work slow’. To make your unconscious mind map visible, your belief system and much more, self awareness is necessary for an understanding and clarity of yourself and the  underlying causes of an issue.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can remove all negative self-destructive and self-diminishing mind programmes that limit who you are, sabotage your relationships and your life. They are replaced with self-empowering and self-serving programs. This in return positively change your personality, behaviour and all that you attract.

Energy healing: Theta and Reiki Energy healing is present throughout the Holistic Healing session. It allows deepest states of relaxation. It helps to open your unconscious mind, accessing the channels for rapid and permanent changes within your entire being. It clears deeply held emotional blocks, energy field and aura and much more.

The way forward 

If you feel you would like to talk to me prior to booking the session please feel free to get in touch. Should you wish to book a session please let me know what time and day works for you and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Natalia’s Holistic Healing benefits

It helps with but not limited to:

  • Mind positive reconstruction of negative programmes, thinking patterns, habits and behaviours.
  • Confidence and self-esteem issues.
  • Difficult relationships, separation and bereavement.
  • Performance, procrastination, focus, motivation, progression.
  • Inhibited emotional expression, inability to love, trust issues, anger management.
  • Physical illness (disease, disorders, unexplained pain).
  • Healing from depression, addiction, insomnia, anxiety, phobias.
  • Release of inner conflicts, emotional blocks, guilt to enable success, moving forward, letting go.
  • Transformation: spiritual, personal and professional development.
  • Stress cures.


"Honestly I had no real expectations of much help when I first went to Natalia Nad. I was familiar with hypnosis and traditional therapy already and none of it had helped me deal with an essentially ugly and traumatic period that culminated in a crushing event. To my utter amazement, I felt the beneficial effects right from the first session."

"In a brief period of time Natalia had me back to a healthy and functional mindset, which frankly I had thought would be out of reach for the rest of my days."

"If I had to say what specific quality was most responsible for her being able to help me I would probably say it's a combination of factors, but they best come together in her overall professionalism. She is supremely objective yet at the same time very compassionate.  If you are wondering if she can help, yes, she can.  Please, don't take my word for it, just go and see her and feel it happen for yourself."

"Natalia, your ability to connect with people and move them to where they really want to be in life is quite incredible. Thank you for listening and for being there for me."

"I felt trapped in repeating cycles of circumstance, unable to achieve the goals and happiness I desired, as if something I was completely unaware of was holding me back. Now I am successful and I have become what I always wanted to be and do."

"Natalia’s approach and wealth of experience chimed with my understanding of psychology, health and well-being. She utilised an effective range of tools and techniques to help me strip away the layers of redundant or unhealthy beliefs and address core issues I had buried deep in my unconscious. I am very grateful for all the positive change and experience now have in my life thanks to Natalia's work."

"Natalia's approach is professional, patient and non-judgemental. Above all, it is extremely effective. Many therapeutic approaches and therapists I have come across focus on the symptoms not the underlying cause. Alleviating symptoms offers temporary assistance, but unless the underlying cause is managed those symptoms will inevitably reoccur."

"Natalia’s approach provides permanent, long-term benefits. We are all different and we all progress at our own pace. However, I have been surprised at how rapidly I have noticed shifts and changes in my life. I no longer feel trapped in the same patterns of behaviour, frustrated at not realising my dreams and desires. My life now feels much more optimistic, fulfilling and above all happy"

"I would recommend Natalia to anybody who is human, regardless of whether they think they have ‘issues’ or need ‘therapy’. You don’t always know what’s been holding you back until it no longer is."

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