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You can be, do and have all your heart desires. Realise your dreams! Heal and positively change your life with:

Natalia’s Holistic Healing
Integrative Psychotherapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis
Energy-Spiritual Healing, Theta Healing
Energy-Spiritual Healing, Jyzeen Healing

Natalia’s holistic healing

Rapid healings restoring mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing are frequent amongst my patients with the help of my Holistic Healing approach. It is a unique integration of scientific and complementary therapies to ensure whole and permanent healing of mind, body and soul.
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Natalia's Healing

Integrative psychotherapy

Talk, unburden, analyze, renew your understanding of yourself and the past working with your conscious mind (12% of your mind). Helpful for personal self-development, increase of self-awareness for your improved health, personality, decisions and choices to create the life you want.

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Clinical hypnotherapy / hypnosis

Get to the root cause of your problem. Let go of unwanted habits and positively reprogram your subconscious mind by healing your past experiences.

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Energy-spiritual healing, theta healing

Create instant positive change in the mind, genes, heart, soul and energy field. Remove limiting beliefs instantly and heal physical conditions rapidly. Resolves many past live issues within minutes. Positive changes are much faster than any psychological approach.
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Energy-spiritual healing, Jyzeen healing

Jyzeen Healing is a direct channeling of the Supreme of all that ss, the creator, the life force – the only true and greatest healing force. It provides guidance, positive changes and instant permanent healings of the mind, body, heart and soul.

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Investment in your health is the greatest investment of all. Mental health ensures physical health. Your health is the key to your happiness and success .

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My holistic healing – psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, energy-spiritual healing, can rapidly heal your mind, body and soul. Significantly transform your life. Explore some of the most common issues I have successfully healed.

Chronic Stress

Fetish Treatment


Cure For Insomnia

Eating Disorders


Alcohol Problems

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Anxiety Disorders

Sexual Relationship Problems

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