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The road to stability through mind control

mind control

Our emotions are states of mind. Although they may often seem to drive our behaviour more than our own ability to reason and choose, there are many ways to gain control over your emotions and your mind.

Mind chemistry

Nature has provided us with “mind chemistry”, which can be compared to the principles of chemistry. A chemist may create a deadly poison by mixing different substances in a certain way, none of which may be harmful individually. Likewise, the emotions may be combined to create a deadly combination.

For example, mixed emotions of sex and jealousy may turn a person wildly insane, whereas unregistered anger may turn in to a self-destructive spiral.

Through mind chemistry, the presence of destructive emotions set up a poison which may cloud one’s judgement, as well as destroy one’s sense of reason and fairness.

The road to stability can be found partly through emotions and mind control. Some of the next steps can help you in this process:

·       One can encourage the presence of emotional well-being through dominating your mind with good-feeling thoughts. The mind is a creature of habit. It thrives upon the dominating thoughts fed to it. Choose to think positively because what you think, you become.

·       Find some good in everything you see, hear and look at. Even in the most negative situations, something good and beneficial can be found. It is not about being delusional but gaining a sense of reality through balance.

·       Be aware of your inner conversations; make your inner dialogue self-encouraging, self-motivating, self-strengthening. Treat you like you would treat a person you love and value. Without realising you can depress and stress yourself out, which in turn will cause doubt and produce further negative emotions.

·       Control the mind through the power of will. Control comes from persistence, and habit.

An alternative solution for mind control

If you are looking for a quicker solution and interested in therapeutic ways to gain more control over your mind, negative emotions, thoughts and habits, and you can attend therapy sessions in my London clinic then please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to help you and discuss the best way forward to meet your needs.

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