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Stress Control self-help

Most of us are trying to find the balance between our work and personal life, to lead happy and fulfilling lives with a minimal amount of stress. As you know this is no easy task when you have difficult relationships, divorce, financial pressures and a demanding boss at work.

Unsurprisingly, modern life causes many stress control issues, which often lead to health issues as well: physical, mental, emotional exhaustion, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia…

It's a long list with severe consequences.

Due to the severity of these side effects, it is important to understand what triggers your stress. Consequently, it will become easier to manage your stress.



Stress control self-help:  7 easy steps


Here are 7 simple steps to achieve stress control, attain balance in your life and get you feeling good about yourself once more:


Try and create a mental "void"

Focus on the "now". This has been proven to make an immediate change in the way you feel about yourself.  The trick is to focus on the time where the past doesn't exist and future has not yet happened. Sounds odd at first, but give it a go.

What are you doing right now? What sounds do you hear? How are you feeling? How does it feel to be in your body? Do you notice any tensions in your body? What are your thoughts about?


The next step is to "Detach"

Observe your thoughts, your feelings and your experiences without judgment. Look at yourself and the situation as separate from your mind.


Try to identify what we call the stressor

Make the monster visible.

What is it, exactly, that’s stressing you right now? What's the worst thing that can happen? What do you fear the most? Whats the worst thing that can happen if what you fear actually happens? Imagine the worst has happened – what's the worst thing about it? What happens next? Is it realistic?

Coping Strategies for Stress

Imagine how would you like the situation to be.

What is in your power to change? You may not be able to change your employment, but you may be able to change the way you plan your work each day.

What can you do to improve your situation by taking responsibility? Make a list of the things you think you might be able to change.


Take control of your life

Things become overwhelming when we feel we have to do everything ourselves and then realise we have over committed ourselves. But you can turn this around by taking control of your responses when a new demand comes your way.

Stay truthful to yourself and say “No” with firmness when it's not necessary to make a commitment.


Cultivate self-compassion and start to unwind

Be kind to yourself and treat yourself with love and care. This helps in detaching yourself from all those self-defeating thoughts and developing stress control. Treat yourself like you would treat the person you love the most in the world or your best friend.

What would you advise them to do if they were in your situation? What helps you to relax? Exercise? A hot bath? Watching comedy? Great – you deserve some of that today.


Plan your day and your future

If you know what is coming, it won't shock you so much and you'll be better equipped to handle whatever comes your way. Be organised and be prepared.

Expert help if you are dealing with stress control issues.


How can I help you to control your stress?

I can help you to relax and handle stressful situations at work, at home or in any area of your life successfully. Due to my extensive experience in this field, you will see positive results after just one session.

Integrative psychotherapy or hypnotherapy can quickly tackle the root cause of your stress and help to manage it. Consequently, this will make a significant difference to the quality of your life.


If you feel like you could benefit from therapy to handle stress, please contact me to arrange an initial consultation.

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