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Sports Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis

What is sports hypnosis?

Sports Hypnotherapy or sports hypnosis is one of the most powerful mind techniques used by athletes in all sports for maximum performance and winning mentality. What you believe you can achieve.

Athletes work on both physical and mental endurance to be at one with both the mind and body to be extraordinary rather than ordinary, raising the bar to new levels they never knew they could achieve.  Sports Hypnotherapy and sports hypnosis can be the key that unlocks the winning formula in the mind, the difference between first and second… 

Sport hypnosis is successfully and commonly applied to all types of sports including golf, running, football, cricket, boxing, darts, swimming, tennis, skiing.

professional standards authority - BACP Registered and Accredited
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Why should you use sports hypnosis?

Highest levels of physical fitness, talents and skills won’t make you the winner unless your conscious and subconscious both believe you can.

Your subconscious beliefs can be like unquestioned commands. As a reuslt, they determine what is possible and impossible, what you can or cannot do.

To become number one you need to have a positive state of mind, the mind of a winner!

Can every athlete benefit from sport hypnosis?

Absolutely, every athlete has internal resources. Accessing and realising these will make you the best you can be.

What are the benefits of sport hypnosis?

What are the benefits of sport hypnosis?

  • Confidence - Mindset of a winner 
  • Laser Beam Focus - Maintain composure and overcome distractions
  • Positive mind - Isolation from negative environmental influences 
  • Control over your mind, thoughts, emotions, nerves and body
  • Change limiting beliefs - Overcome mental blocks 
  • Instant elimination of anxiety and all fears (competition, failure, success, jealousy, injury etc.)
  • Accelerate muscle, speed, reflexes
  • Consistent high levels of motivation
  • Overcome slumps in performance 
  • Dramatic endurance increase
  • Healing from injury return 
  • Pain barriers and pain threshold  
  • Weight control 
  • Voluntary relaxation 

If you feel like you could benefit from Sports Hypnotherapy, please contact me to arrange an initial consultation.


"May God bless you for your abilities and skills. Thank you doesn't express enough the appreciation I have for all your work and all it changed and transformed my life."

"Nothing prepares you for moments like this. You have been a rock for me. I feel empowered, motivated, confident in creating life I want to have. I have no need to take any medications or self-harm. I have found new breath of life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I was dead and now I am happy to be alive. I was overdosing and self-harming, my life had no purpose, meaning, was on heavy dose of antidepressants. I do not need any medications to keep me going. I live again, I started to play my guitar, I want to do things for me, I want to make friendships and meet new people. My life has transformed and I am awake again. Its like I have returned to the state i only remember being in 45 years ago. Its never late to want to find happiness and be powerful. I am grateful to Natalia for the rest of my life."

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