Jyzeen Healing London, Online

Energy-Spiritual Healing, Jyzeen Healing, London, Online Can Help To Remove Limiting Blocks and Unlock:

Perfect mental health
Happy relationships
The life of your dreams

Jyzeen Healing London, Online

Energy-Spiritual Healing, Jyzeen Healing, London, Online Can Help To Remove Limiting Blocks and Unlock:

Perfect mental health
Happy relationships
The life of your dreams

Jyzeen energy-spiritual healing


Jyzeen Healing is a direct channeling of the Supreme Consciousness, the energy of All That Is, the Creator, the Life Force – the only true and greatest healing force. It provides guidance, positive changes and instant permanent healings of the mind, body, heart and soul.

How Jyzeen healing can help you to heal and create the life you want?


Channeling Supreme Consciousness for healing ensures the most rapid healing possible for:

Low confidence
Anxiety and panic attacks
Obsessive-compulsive behaviour
Cognitive dysfunction
Learning difficulties
Concentration problems
Eating disorders
Relationship issues
Intimacy issues
Lack of concentration
Lack of motivation
Inhibited emotional self-expression
Anger management
Antisocial behavior

Psychosomatic disorders
Sexual problems and dysfunction
Inner conflicts
Limiting beliefs
Unwanted habits or behaviours
Negative thinking
Guidance and prophecy
Heal your present and past lives in a short space of time
Karma, future positive change
Soul healing, soul fragments union, ascension, liberation and enlightenment
Black Magic cleansing and removal
Earthbound spirits, entities, fallen, demonic energies cleansing
Space, home, offices unwanted energy cleansing
Psyche healing and repair

About Jyzeen healing


In my channeling of Supreme Conciseness, your soul’s name will be revealed, given to you by the Supreme Consciousness, reflecting your strongest virtue. Jyzeen (truth) is the name of my soul. This knowledge will help you to remember who you are and transform all that you are not. Who you are is light, divine, powerful, beautiful, valuable, fortunate, great and prosperous.


The Supreme Consciousness healing provides rapid healing and transformation in a short space of time. Creates instant positive change in the mind, genes, heart, soul and psyche. Remove limiting beliefs instantly and heal physical conditions rapidly by instantly releasing suppressed negative energy, deleting limiting beliefs, uploading new positive beliefs. Resolves many past live issues within minutes.

About Jyzeen healing origin


As I was ascending in my enlightenment process, I was taught by the Supreme Consciousness about past lives, reason for incarnations, karma, dimensions of light and darkness, the afterlife and the underworld. The rules of the dimension of heaven, how to take souls through the eternal gates of paradise and out of the dimension of hell. The variety of souls. How to work with darkness to bring all souls back into the light. What causes illness, failure, and repetition of unwanted patterns in life. The way to raise consciousness, attain enlightenment and positively change the future. How to self-realise and return to who you really are – Happy, Healthy, Priceless, Valuable, Beautiful, Wise, Pure, Joyous, Fortunate, Prosperous and Free. How to attain the goal of the soul – self-realisation.


As I was ascending, mastering dimensions, I had to accept the conditions on each dimension given by the Supreme Consciousness to be able to go forward. One of the conditions was: ‘share all that is revealed to you, honestly and completely, regardless of the consequences’ I was shown my soul’s purpose in this life, shown my forgotten past lives and how I acquired my soul’s name Jyzeen. All of which was important to help people to self-realise.


Reaching enlightenment made me able to channel the Supreme Consciousness.

Tell me about your needs and goals.

Close your eyes and rest, whilst you’re given the most profound remote healing.

Stay conscious and listen all you’re being told.

Ask questions during and after the channeling. All predictions are present time based. You have the power to change the future by making different choices.

After the session and once you see the positive changes, bring your loved ones so they too can benefit from the same healing.

The best way forward: Natalia's Energy-Spiritual Healing, Jyzeen Healing session and initial consultation session


In our initial consultation we will discuss your past experiences, wounds, triggers, symptoms and goals. We will find out the root causes of your concerns and problems. It will lay the foundation for your next Energy-Spiritual Healing, Jyzeen Healing session. You will see the therapeutic benefits immediately after our consultation session.

Fee, location:

One session is 60 minutes at £200
Provided face-to-face or online


Concessions fee:

Discounted and free sessions are given to underprivileged when possible.

Cancellation notice:

24 hours in advance.


Bulk session payments:

I make no provision for booking bulk sessions as healing is rapid. It is my personal ethics that healing should be based on need only.

Your next step towards healing – the best way forward with Jyzeen Energy-Spiritual Healing.


Decide to positively transform and transcend your mind for your self-realisation and perfect life.


To book a Jyzeen Energy-Spiritual Healing session, please contact me on +44 (0) 7848 004400 or email natalia@natalianad.co.uk

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