Theta Energy Spiritual Healing London, Online

Energy-Spiritual Healing, Theta Healing Can Help To Remove Limiting Blocks and Unlock:

Perfect mental health
Happy relationships
The life of your dreams

Theta Energy Spiritual Healing London, Online

Energy-Spiritual Healing, Theta Healing Can Help To Remove Limiting Blocks and Unlock:

Perfect mental health
Happy relationships
The life of your dreams

Spiritual-energy healing, theta healing

Are you looking for spiritual healing to improve, let go, fix and overcome your issues, including those caused by:

Mental health problems

Mind and emotional issues

Psychosomatic problems


Chronic physical problems

Financial, abundance issues

Career and success issues

Spiritual issues

The solution to these and other issues can be provided effectively with Theta spiritual energy healing techniques. Theta healing was developed in 1955 by Vianna Sitbal during her personal journey of healing from a leg tumour.

Theta healing


In theta healing, the healer and the client are connected more with the energy of a Supreme Consciousness, energy of All that Is, receiving guidance and making instant changes, and healing on all levels of being. Theta healing is not restricted to a particular religion.


Theta healing works by healing your body, spirit, and mind by instantly releasing suppressed negative energy, deleting limiting beliefs, uploading new positive beliefs.


Belief work is a prominent aspect of theta healing. Unlike other approaches (Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy), Theta healing resolves beliefs at all levels of your belief system. If only the surface of the issue is treated then the root problem is still there and the problem will return.

Negative beliefs are changed on all levels of mind:

Core belief level (present life)

Genetic belief level (DNA)

History belief level (past lives)

Soul belief level (soul)

Theta Healing has tools to clear, resolve and heal various causes for mental, spiritual and body problems:

Changing beliefs

Resolving past lives

DNA change, genetic reprogramming, ancestral line healing

Soul healing and soul fragments retrieval

Black magic, curses cleansing

Spirits, fallen, entities and other energy from body field cleansing

Importance of changing our beliefs


Belief systems are very important parts of Theta healing. They are deep-rooted elements in our minds at different levels. While some of them are helpful for positive outcomes, many others can tend to hold you back and in certain cases, cause emotional and physical distress.


Energy downloads


Energy downloads are empowering thoughts, that helps you upgrade your belief system instantly.


Resolving past lives


Negative emotions, unresolved issues, physical trauma and injury, stuck energy and restricting beliefs from past lives can transcend to our current lives. So, theta healing aims at the history belief level in which memories from past lives that have come with us in this life are prominent.

DNA change and genetic cleansing


The genetic belief level houses programs that have been carried over from our ancestors and are embedded in our genes. These programs form an energy field around our physical DNA and instruct the actions of mechanics in our DNA. Removing beliefs prominent in this layer can provide genetic cleansing benefits of theta healing.


Soul healing and soul fragments retrieval


Soul fragments are the energy or essence of your or another individual you have known in this life or previous ones. Soul fragments are generally the reasons for which we can't break away from a particular event or a person. Generally, we can lose soul fragments with relationships, death, illness, or abuse. Theta healing heals soul and brings back soul fragments instantly.


Black magic and curses


Black magic and curses performed against you in this life, past lives or to ancestors can be passed on into you. Black magic and curses negatively affect your health and life. Theta healing can remove and cleanse these from your system rapidly.


Dealing with traumas


Traumas could have a prominent influence on your core belief level. Traumatic experiences are known to have triggered negative physical and mental health conditions. Theta healing supports you in resolving your core belief level giving you the power to overpower traumas that have a negative influence on your life.

Benefits of spiritual-energy healing, Theta healing


Positive changes take place after each session even around very complex problems that could otherwise take years to treat. Theta healing can help heal and transform overcome many of life's issues:

Become healthier and feel better

Brain rewiring, belief changes/deletion

Deepen your spiritual connection

Heal emotional problems and traumas

Overcome eating disorders

Release anger, resentment and guilt

Rapid healing from trauma and abuse

Heal psychosomatic issues and chronic physical illnesses

Benefits of spiritual-energy healing, Theta healing

Mental health issues and disorders

Overcome fears and phobias

Overcome addictions and habits

Rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem

Stop self-sabotaging behaviours

Spiritual awakening and liberation

Sexual dysfunction

Manifest your dreams and goals

Rebuild and build harmonious relationship

Unlock/release/develop your creativity

Unblock channels for abundance and wealth

My Theta Healing patients case examples


I have performed a high number of healing sessions many of which with miraculous, healings and instant changes to the patient:

5 years of unexplained chronic pain - healed in 20 min

Kidney stones and failing kidneys - healed in one session

Severe anxiety of over 10 years with daily panic attacks - healed in 15 minutes

The best way forward: energy-spiritual healing, Theta healing

The best way forward: Natalia’s Theta Energy Spiritual Healing session and initial consultation session


In our initial consultation we will discuss your past experiences, wounds, triggers, symptoms and goals. We will find out the root causes of your concerns and problems. It will lay the foundation for your next Theta Energy Spiritual Healing session. You will see the therapeutic benefits immediately after our consultation session.

Fee, location:
One session is 60 minutes at £160.
Provided online (Skype or FaceTime)


Concessions fee:

Discounted and free sessions are given to underprivileged when possible.

Bulk session payments:
I make no provision for booking sessions in bulk as healing can be more rapid than expected. It is my personal ethics that one should only stay in therapy based purely on one's needs.


Cancellation notice:
24 hours in advance

"Your beliefs dictate your destiny."

Your next step towards healing – the best way forward with my Theta Energy Spiritual Healing.


Decide to invest in yourself and your healing for your grander and greater life.


To book an initial consultation session, please contact me on +44 (0) 7848 004 400 or email

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