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Low self confidence treatment

The key to your success is your self confidence. If you dont live the life you desire and deserve, then your self confidence has to be increased.


Symptoms for low self confidence

You are likely to have low self-confidence if you have the following symptoms:

  • No drive or direction in life
  • Feel lost, shy, uneasy and avoid people
  • Have a sense of uselessness, worthlessness
  • Fear that you fail at everything
  • Procrastinate, worried, nervous or anxious about your future
  • Feel unattractive
  • Cannot sleep
  • Afraid of change
  • Stay in unhealthy relationships
  • Not realising your full potential and fear of living the life you want to have


Increase low self confidence to make your life successful

If you have low self confidence the good news is that my treatment is extremely effective and can produce rapid improvements to your confidence. Higher self-esteem will significantly enhance all areas of your life, including achieving personal and career goals, improving the quality of all your relationships and so much more.


Treatment for low self confidence  - the way forward

If you feel you woud benefit from having therapy, an initial consultation session would be the best way to begin. It will help me to ascertain the reasons for your low self-confidence and the right therapy for you. An initial consultation (60 min) involves obtaining information about your condition, history and you will get the opportunity to experience therapeutic benefits immediately.

To book a session or find out more about how I can help you feel free to contact me.


"Nothing was working out. Now my life is bright and I am excited about my future. I know I can make it happen."

"I no longer feel defeated, a loser, avoiding the spotlight. I am confident to ask for what I want and say what I think. I get more respect and attention. People like me more. I am told I am more fun and interesting now. I no longer hide. I have confidence to show others who I am. I have stopped being overcritical and I am more energised too. I am back in my power, thank you for helping me to find it!"

"I have stopped hiding, being invisible, over processing citations and loosing sleep over it. I have started to engage, have conversations and feel more free. It feels like I make an effort like never before."

Book a treatment - the way forward