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Treatment for Phobias, Including Agoraphobia

Treatment for Agoraphobia in Chelsea SW3

Phobias are intense, unreasonable fears that massively disrupt the life of an otherwise healthy person. I successfully treat agoraphobia, aviophobia (fear of flying) and other common phobias.

Due to my extensive experience, I am capable of helping people with any phobia. My experience includes helping people suffering from a fear of animals, insects, heights, closed spaces, blood, injections and more.


What are the symptoms of Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is a cluster of fears centred around a fear of public places. Consequently, the inability to escape or to find help if one is incapacitated by panic attacks exacerbates your problems greatly.

It is likely that you suffer from agoraphobia if you find yourself anxious or fearful of crowds, scared of going shopping or travelling. Also, it often manifests as an inability to leave your own home, or if you do so with great distress.

However, the good news is that my treatment effectively manages agoraphobia with fast and lasting results.


What are the symptoms of Social Phobias?

Social phobias are persistent, irrational fears elicited by the presence of other people.

Because of this, you are likely to suffer from social phobias if you attempt to avoid social situations where you might be evaluated. Similarly, avoiding situations in which you feel you may behave in an embarrassing way is also indicative of this phobia.

As a result, people with social anxiety or phobias often struggle to use public lavatories, eat, speak or perform in public.

If you suffer from social anxiety or phobias, you may find that social situations elicit symptoms of excessive blushing or sweating. Most worryingly, some cases even cause full blown panic attacks.


"You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind." Dale Carnegie


How Natalia can help you to cure your Phobia?

I have successfully treated various phobias over the years. Because of my extensive experience, I am able to help with agoraphobia, social phobia, flying phobia, school phobia and fear of animals, among other common issues.

Consequently, curing a phobia feels like being reborn.

Due to my unique therapy techniques, any phobias my clients have experience quick and effective resolutions to their phobias. As a result, they can embrace a new and happy life.

Having an initial consultation session is the best way forward to help me to ascertain the right treatment for you. It involves obtaining information about your condition and your history of phobias. Furthermore, you'll also get experience the therapeutic benefits almost straight away.


If you think you would benefit from treatment for phobia, please contact me to arrange an initial consultation.


"I wasn’t able to get on the bus for 25 years. I always felt trapped, cramped and panicky when close to people. Now I feel independent and free. I didn’t think I would be ever able to do that. It shows what you have done for me. Thank you."

"It was impossible to leave my home and walk alone. I was imprisoned for over 30 years and I could not commute. Since you've helped me so much, I am very grateful for this change. Now, I feel in control and strong."

"I am a psychotherapist and I never believed that one session of psychotherapy could just put an end to my fear of flying! I am 27 and suffered with this for 8 years. Now, I am just like everyone else. It's amazing - I get on on the plane without care and concern."

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