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Relationship Problems

Relationship problems can significantly impact all areas of your life. Do you have a problem with your relationship? Perhaps you want to move on with the least amount of trauma?

Relationship problem solution through therapy

Helping to solve relationship problems is one of the most rewarding areas of my job - not least because of the joy it can bring back into my clients' lives. My holistic approach can easily and rapidly solve any relationship problems by resolving the underlying causes.

Relationship problem solution: the way forward

If you need help in solving relationship problems, having an initial consultation session would be the best way forward.  It will help me to ascertain exactly the right treatment for you.  To book a session or find out more about how I can help you feel free to contact me.


"I started to respect and show others my boundaries and make friendships at work. Solving relationship problems in my team worked surprisingly fast and rapidly improved as my behaviour changed."

"You helped me with relationships. I started to trust people again. I felt very isolated but I am more open and interact with ease. Now friendships come naturally. I started to notice that certain people care and are kind."

"I changed the way I look at things. I have changed my responses. People respect me more, I have confidence to express my self and say no when its appropriate I am more calm and in control."

"Feelings of inferiority when in meetings with my bosses are gone. I am what I want to be."

"I was depressed, couldn't do any work after my relationship broke down. Your sessions not only helped me to move on quickly but changed my old and destructive ways. As you said if you don't change your ways you will attract and do just the same. I didn't think that I could be in this position ever. It's like a magic door got opened for me into a life I didn't know existed for me." 

Book a treatment - the way forward