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Fetish Treatment

Fetishism is a sexual obsession or behaviour focused on an inanimate object or body parts for sexual satisfaction.

Having a fetish - or many fetishes - is a normal part of sexual behaviour. However, a fetish is a disorder when it adversely affects your sexual, social and emotional functioning and is damaging to your relationship. This includes when sexual gratification and arousal is impossible without the fetish object.

I have extensive experience and success in treating sexual fetishes. Due to my extensive experience, I have a particular interest and passion in fetish treatment. If you are suffering from sexual fetishes and it is affecting your relationships, I can and would be happy to help you.


How Natalia can help you through Fetish Treatment

Sexual fetishism is often regarded as a particularly difficult psychological disorder to treat. However, I have had great success in treating complex and remedial cases. Due to my unique therapeutic techniques, I have managed to help clients who have had years of unsuccessful psychotherapy.

My unique approach to fetish treatment involves the use of integrative therapy using my holistic appoach, a combination  of psychotherapy and subconscous reprogramming of belief systems/associations.

These techniques have proven to be very efficient in fetish treatment. As a result, I have an outstanding record of success. Due to my professional outlook on this issue, I accept unconditionally the way you are as a person. Also, I am respectful of your beliefs and past experiences.


Fetish treatment - the way forward

You might be hesitant to talk about your fetishism and enquire for fetish treatment. Yet this is not uncommon.

Having an initial consultation session is the best way forward to help me to ascertain exactly the right treatment for you. An initial consultation is 60 minutes long. It involves obtaining information about your condition and history. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to experience the immediate therapeutic benefits.


If you feel like you could benefit from therapy for fetishism, please contact me to arrange an initial consultation.


"With help of fetish treatment and therapy I have now found an inner strength and inner power to walk away from fetishism. I have also found freedom from the need to indulge in clothing tightness and similar things which were starting to take over and dominate my relationship."

"Life without fetishism becomes very beautiful. It's like if I am stoned without having to take any of the drugs. I am clinging to this inner freedom that I found through therapy and inner peace, there is an element of sweetness."

Book a treatment - the way forward