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Bereavement and Loss

Expert help when you are suffering bereavement and loss

Bereavement and loss treatment in London SW3You may be in lots of turmoil due to death of a loved one, a divorce or separation, the loss of a pet, moving home or a personal injury. Whatever the cause of the loss, the symptoms remain the same: acute phases of sadness, anger, guilt and even depression. Unfortunatey, if you leave your emotional issues untreated, they may ultimately lead to further issues. Although you may not realise it, this can include both mental and physical issues.

Nothing can prepare us for the trauma when the moment arrives. Due to its shocking nature, it can have a devastating effect on all concerned. But life must go on, for yourself and for other people who depend on you.


Ways to deal with grief, bereavement, and loss?

I have found that psychotherapy and hypnotherapy used alone or in combination are extremely effective treatments to help you through the various stages of loss and bereavement. I have many years of experience in successfully helping people. Because of this, I am confident that if you are struggling with this problem I can help.


If you believe you could benefit from this kind of treatment, please contact me to arrange an initial consultation.


"Therapy was my last resource, desperate thinking that I am a lost cause, after all I have tried. Now I feel there are opportunities, I can do things; my life is changing very rapidly. It’s very new for me."

"After love of my life unexpectedly passed away, for a year (until I came to see Natalia) I literally was living dead. I couldn't work, I was depressed, my life was over, I just couldn't move on. After one hypnotherapy session my life turned around. I got on with things, I found peace and calm. I can be happy without him and I am. I think about him at times but now without pain. I am living a normal life again."

"I never thought that a break up with one of my many girlfriends would get me into this darkness and despair, I was always the tough one. Immediately after the treatment I felt lighter, I gained clarity and was able to see all in a different light. I released anger and found peace. God bless you for your great work Natalia."

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