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Aviophobia: the Fear of Flying

Aviophobia is one of the common fears afflicting the modern world. Particularly for those with busy jobs that take them all over the world, the fear of flying can be crippling.

Thankfully, with my unique therapy techniques, spanning hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, it can be easily managed.



It's not uncommon for people to have a little anxiety about things like flying. However, if you are consistently experiencing any of the following symptoms or habits, you may be suffering from aviophobia:

  • High levels of flying anxiety or stress prior to flying.
  • Worry that you may be an embarrassment to other travellers whilst flying.
  • Physical discomfort prior to and during flying, such as an upset stomach, hyperventilating or more than normal sweating.
  • Avoiding flying wherever possible.
  • Imagining catastrophic scenes either before or during flying.
  • Negative impacts on your relationships or your work.
  • Considering medication or other remedis.

With so many people suffering some of these problems, you can take comfort from the fact you are not alone. Many people struggle with aviophobia on a daily basis.

But it doesn't have to have a huge impact on your life. With the right help, this problem can be easily treated.


The best way forward - freedom from fear of flying

I've treated flying phobias successfully over the years using hypnotherapy. Living free from fear of flying makes a big difference for everyone who has experienced it. Should you wish to book a session feel free to contact me .


"I can now rest peacefully before a flight and even sleep peacefully the night before! Overcoming my fear of flying with Natalia was one of the best things I have done for myself. My family is relieved too! Thank you for helping me. It has transformed my life."

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