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Alcohol Problems

For many people, problems with alcohol and other addictiove substances are caused by the need to relieve some physical or mental anguish in their lives by, literally, altering their state of consciousness. Any euphoria that alcohol provides is very short lived. People with alcohol problems rapidly spiral downwards as the alcohol starts to affect other parts of their lives. Therapy can provide a longer term solution to these underlying issues.

Symptoms and signs of alcohol problems

The first sign that you may have an alcohol addiction is if you find you are drinking daily and are unable to restrict or abstain from your drinking habit despite repeated efforts. You may not drink every day but may go on occasional binges and remain intoxicated for two or more days. Both scenarios indicate a dependence on alcohol.

The side effects of alcohol abuse lead to occupational problems, quarrels with family members, sometimes violence when intoxicated, or a negative im[act on yur performance at work.


How can I help you with alcohol addiction?

Many of my clients gained control over their old destructive habits and solved drinking problems. Integrative therapy using psychotherapy or hypnotherapy has proven to be a successful treatment. If you feel you would benefit from a therapeutic help then feel free to contact me.


"It was hard to make the first step but you made it easier by being so understanding and accepting and there for me through all the darkest moments. My alcohol problems meant I was feeling hopeless - but you helped me to brink light back into my life."

"I don't have to fight an urge to go to a pub whenever I have a chance. I just don't feel I have a need for that. Its easy to say no to alcohol now. I no longer seek an outlet. I found peace and control."

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