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Businesses grow through their employees

Work-related stress, anxiety, and depression affect 1,510 per 10,000 employees in Great Britain. Up to half of all work-related absence is due to stress and mental health issues.

The cost to UK businesses is huge. Companies can no longer ignore the consequences and negative impact associated with work place stress.

Effective management of occupational health is key to delivering high-quality services, through a motivated and highly efficient workforce.

My workshops are specifically tailored for corporations to provide essential tools for managing workplace stress, boosting performance and productivity, mind and body relaxation. They are designed to improve employees' wellbeing resulting in optimal performance. 

professional standards authority - BACP Registered and Accredited

Training Solutions & Workshops for Corporates

Optimising Maximum Employee Performance through workshops

Training Solutions and Workshops

  • Stress management
  • Mind and body relaxation
  • Positive thinking
  • Building high performance

Key subjects covered:

  • Managing stressful situations
  • Proactively identifying triggers
  • Exploring knock on effects: Stress - anxiety - panic attacks - depression
  • Techniques to manage pressure and stress effectively
  • Increase concentration, focus and enhance productivity through positive thinking, confidence, resilience and motivation building

Benefits to small businesses and large corporations

There are lots of benefits for companies who understand the need to invest in their workforce. My workshops and training courses cover a wide variety of practical techniques for employees to make the most of their work day. When employees are happy, healthy and productive, businesses will notice the following benefits:

  • Provide early intervention to help reduce staff absence for health-related reasons
  • Ensuring staff have access to competent occupational health advice and support
  • Active problem-solving approach to workplace challenges 

Employee Engagement results in a stronger, happier and more efficient workforce. Creating a healthier and happier workforce will protect and enhance your reputation as a good employer.



Innovative benefits for employees and employers

No business can be successful without motivated employees. A happy workforce means maximum productivity. Investing in wellness services will result in a high return on investment through reducing a significant amount of sick days lost in a year.

Employee Benefits Packages are important for the decision-making process for new employees. Investing in programmes that make your employees feel comfortable and cared for gives your business an edge over your competition. When my services are offered as part of a benefits programme, employees can approach me confidentially if required.



"May God bless you for your abilities and skills. Thank you doesn't express enough the appreciation I have for all your work and all it changed and transformed my life."

"Nothing prepares you for moments like this. You have been a rock for me. I feel empowered, motivated, confident in creating life I want to have. I have no need to take any medications or self-harm. I have found new breath of life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I was dead and now I am happy to be alive. I was overdosing and self-harming, my life had no purpose, meaning, was on heavy dose of antidepressants.. I do not need any medications to keep me going. I live again, I started to play my guitar, I want to do things for me, I want to make friendships and meet new people. My life has transformed and I am awake again. Its like I have returned to the state i only remember being in 45 years ago. Its never late to want to find happiness and be powerful. I am grateful to Natalia for the rest of my life."

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