About Anger

Anger is a powerful and important emotion and becomes problematic if not kept under control.  If anger is out of control it can adversely affect you and your relationships with others, both in your personal and work life. If you, a family member or someone in your workplace is having problems with anger management, I would be happy to help.

The classic signs that you have a real anger management problem are explosive outbursts that cannot be controlled, domestic violence and controlling behaviour, road rage or excessive issues at work. Alcohol or drug dependence often cover an underlying anger problem. The good news is that treatment results in an immediate improvement in your anger expression and control.


Anger management: the best way forward

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy work extremely well for anger management. Anger management treatment will help you to express anger and handle stressful situations in a controlled and rational manner. As a result, you will establish more healthy and stable relationships with those around you. If you feel you would benefit from a therapeutic help then feel free to contact me.

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