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Archive for June 2017

How to utilise the power of your subconscious mind & hypnotherapy treatment

Hypnotherapy treatment and subconscious

Unlimited power of your  subconscious mind   A recent study from a team of psychologists based in Israel have found that the subconscious mind has much more sophisticated capabilities than previously thought – often performing the same cognitive functions as the conscious mind! This study highlights the true, and often under recognised power of the…

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety: Hidden Triggers for Fear

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety   If attaining a calm mental state were straight forward, anxiety issues would be far less common.  Yet, according to Anxiety UK, an estimated 13% of adults in Great Britain will develop a specific form of anxiety during their lifetime. About Anxiety Anxiety is as a physiological response and differs from fear…

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