Common Issues

My personal approach can help you with any problem that you may be finding hard to handle on your own.

Depression treatment

Depression is a major worldwide health problem. It is a very common issue and anyone can suffer from it. If you suffer from depression then there is a way out. Depression can be effectively treated. I am confident that I can help you to overcome depression and find happiness in your life again.


Most of us are trying to find a balance between our work and personal life, to lead happy and fulfilling lives without stress. Sometimes this appears too hard to attain especially when stressors such as difficult relationships, divorce, finances and work seem to accumulate and plot against us.


You’ll be staggered to learn that around 80% of people have suicidal thoughts at least once in their lives. More than half of the people who actually attempt suicide are thought to be depressed. Working through these difficult times can find the root of your unhappiness and help you return to a fulfilling life.

Post Traumatic

Are you feeling overwhelmed, devastated, anxious? There could be many reasons. From being the victim of an assault or seeing an accident, to extreme cases like experiencing a war situation at close quarters you may be suffering with Post Traumatic Stress.


Eating disorders can affect people of any age. You may have an eating disorder if you focus excessively on your weight and shape, make unhealthy choices about food with damaging results to your health. I have had great success with clients seeking a healthier outlook on diet and exercise.

of Flying

If you have panic attacks or feel stressed at the very thought of flying, you’re almost certainly suffering
from a flying phobia. It is not uncommon. And thankfully can be easily treated.    

and loss

You may be in lots of turmoil due to death of a loved one, a divorce or separation, pet loss and bereavement, moving home or a personal injury. Whatever the cause of the loss, the symptoms remain the same: acute phases of sadness, anger, guilt and even depression.

Confidence and

The key to your success is to always ensure that your self-belief and self-confidence are intact. If you doubt that you can BE, or DO or HAVE anything you truly desire in life, then your self perception, self-belief, self-confidence and self-trust has to be enhanced.


For many people, alcohol problems and other addiction problems are caused by the need to relieve some physical or mental anguish in their lives by, literally, altering their state of consciousness. Any euphoria that alcohol provides is very short lived.

Fetish Treatment

Having a fetish – or many fetishes – is a normal part of sexual behaviour. However, a fetish is a disorder when it adversely affects your sexual, social and emotional functioning and is damaging to your relationship. This includes when sexual gratification and arousal is impossible without the fetish object.

 Emotional distance to sexual dysfunction.

Relationship problems arise in many different forms, from emotional distance to sexual dysfunction. They are some of the most common issues I come across in my work. Due to their impact on your confidence, sexual problems can carry through to your day to day life.

Cure for Insomnia

If you suffer from sleepless nights, curing insomnia as quickly as possible is vital so that you can get your life back on track. Most of us will have a problem with sleeping at some point in our lives. The good news is that I have many ways to treat insomnia naturally.

Post traumatic stress

Are you feeling overwhelmed, devastated, anxious? If you have a traumatic experience, you could mean you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. While it is commonly associate with extreme cases like war, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can affect anyone. It can be triggered by anything from an assault or an accident. Regardless of how it has affected you, it can be managed with the right help.

Relationship problems

Relationship problems can significantly impact all areas of your life. Do you have a problem with your relationship? Perhaps you want to move on with the least amount of trauma?

Sexual relationship problems

Sexual relationship problems can arise in many different forms and can be distressing.  At some
point in their lives, most people will experience sexual relationship problems of one sort or another
and it is one of the conditions I come across most often in my work.

Suicidal thoughts

I have tremendous experience in overcoming suicidal thoughts. I would dearly love to help you move forward. Having an initial consultation session would be the best way to begin. It will help me to ascertain the right treatment for you. It involves obtaining information about your condition and history. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to immediately experience the therapeutic benefits.


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