Ways of thinking to increase low self-confidence

Ways of thinking to increase low self-confidence

Ways of thinking to increase low self-confidence

In my everyday work, I find that many people suffer from low self-confidence. Perhaps you too are looking for ways to increase your self-confidence.

What makes one’s self-confidence low?

People with low self-confidence have a strong need to be liked, accepted, validated by others. Their self-evaluation is externally determined and so the need to please others is heightened. Pleasing others in order to be liked is self devaluing and self-confidence damaging

How to improve low self-confidence?

Start by changing habitual negative thought patterns into positive:

· Appreciate all that you are and all you have done. Stop criticising yourself – it doesn’t need to be perfect. Doing your best is enough.

· Only do what is in alignment with your true self-desire – say no when it is not right for you.

· Care for the way you feel – listen to your needs, attend to them.

· Listen to your desires and give it to you.

· Accept and value your uniqueness/difference. The difference is good and is of huge value to others. Be yourself.

· Only you can make you feel happy as only you have control over your thoughts and feelings. Choose to feel good. The most important thing is that you make YOU happy. For you are the most important person you need to please.

The way forward with a therapeutic help

The most effective and efficient way to increase low self-confidence and self-esteem is by changing subconscious habitual negative thought patterns through Hypnotherapy. If you would like to find out more about how you can overcome self-confidence issues feel free to contact me.

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