Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction

Relationship problems arise in many different forms, from emotional distance to sexual dysfunction. They are some of the most common issues I come across in my work. Due to their impact on your confidence, sexual problems can carry through to your day to day life. Because of this, their impact can reach far beyond the bedroom. Therefore, sexual dysfunction that is left unresolved can result in even more damaging problems. Sex should be fun, rewarding, and satisfying. Because I believe this passionately, my goal is to help all of my clients achieve that.
How can you benefit from treatment for relationship problems and sexual dysfunction
Because I have an immense amount of experience in the treatment of many intimate sexual problems, I have skills sure to help your own issues. Through personal counselling sessions using hypnotherapy and psychotherapeutic techniques, I can help you to find the underlying cause of your problems. As a result, we can then work through them to find a long term solution. However, your problems manifest, together we can develop a way to manage them so that you can return to your healthy and satisfying sex life.


Sexual Problems you may experience include: 

  • loss of libido
  • erectile dysfunction
  • problems during intercourse
  • physical or emotional intimacy
  • sex and pornography addictions
  • fetishism
  • impotence
  • gender issues
  • menopause
  • anorgasmia
  • premature ejaculation
Many patients seek my help after years of unsuccessful treatment with psychological sex therapies. My unique approach of hypnotherapy alone or the integration of psychotherapeutic approaches offers a new way of tackling the issue. Most importantly of all, my sessions are extremely effective. Solving sexual problems in a relationship will bring back happiness, contentment, and self-confidence. Due to its personal impact, it can also encourage improvement in other areas of life.


Overcome all sexual problems with my therapy – the best way forward.
Having an initial consultation session for sexual problems is the best way forward. An initial consultation is 60 minutes long.  It involves obtaining information about your condition, history, and you will get the opportunity to experience therapeutic benefits immediately.
To book a consultation session or ask any questions, please contact me on 07848004400 or email to



“I no longer worry or think about how it will be when having sex. My issues with erections or orgasms are no longer a concern to me. It’s like a bad dream that vanished. I am free to enjoy what was a problem for most of my adult life.”
“Thank you, Natalia, for everything. After so many years my sex life is finally what I always hoped it would be.”
“I was still conscious of my body. Now I see its beauty and feel free to express my self in sexually intimate moments. I didn’t think this was achievable and in such short space of time.”

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