Overcome your karma to get the life you want

Overcome your karma to get the life you want

My Karma of ankle pain that was caused by a few of my past lives: 

One morning, I awoke with an inexplicable pain in my right ankle. It felt broken and I couldn’t move or step on it. Consciously I knew it was fine but equally it felt broken.  I started self-healing and it leads me to my past lives. I used my intuitive abilities to trace the cause for my ankle’s pain and immobility. With my self-healing, a dozen past lives flashed in front of my eyes. Each in a different time and body, but they all had a common thread – my right ankle would break. I resolved each past life one by one extracting all the valuable wisdom of each. As I did so, the pain in my ankle subsided. There was a direct correlation between the inexplicable pain in my ankle in this life and unresolved lessons linked to my broken ankle in past lives. What I was experiencing was the result of KARMA.

So let’s start by understanding what is KARMA? 

Karma tells us that we are bound to experience what we have set in motion in the past. Karma is the force of an action which will not be complete until its energy has been totally used up. Karma can be compared to a boomerang, what goes around comes around; the way we give, we receive; what we sow, we shall reap. 

So in my case, for example, it was only after I had completed all the lessons associated with each life, extracting all the wisdom from my experiences, that I was able to free myself from the unresolved past actions’ force and release the pain from my body in the present. In other words, by resolving my past lives, I was freed from the effect of my past actions which were adversely affecting my present life. Doing so liberated me from energy blocks in my physical and emotional bodies and change immediately the experiences of my life.  Only then the cycle is broken and the history stops repeating itself

Karma is a consequence of good and bad deeds

The consequences of good and bad deeds are the only luggage carried from death to birth.

In fact, good and bad actions are the cause of rebirth. They determine the kind of life one is born into and the kind of nature and character one is to have. 

Buddha also teaches us about Karma…

Action and consequence appear to be a cruel rotating wheel from which there is no escape since each reaction, in turn, is an action with further consequences. The wheel is the symbol Buddha used to picture the endless sequence of life, death and rebirth. 

Buddha said that the karma which we experience is like a string of beads trailing along with us – the beads do not follow us, we pull the cord which pulls the beads behind us and keep them with us. The moment we cut the cord, we are free of them. 

How do we explain our present birth?

The journey started when life is particularised as granite then progressed to vegetation, to an animal, to human, to super-human, to cosmic, to Divinity. Our present birth came about because of that karmic force and, until we can free ourselves from the entangling web of action and reaction, our karmic destiny will continue through aeons of time, until eventually, the journey is complete, through the realisation of the Absolute Unmodified Divine Principle – the divine creative energy, The supreme consciousness, our Real self.

So What causes bad Karma?

You and I create the bad Kama by

1. Ignorance

2. Impure desires or lust

3. Self-centred and selfish actions

Understand your life experience

All the good and bad that you come across in the external world are just your own reflections. The whole world depends on your own conduct. If you are good, so too will be the world around you. It is a mistake to think that there is bad all around you in the world. In fact, it is your own bad which is revealed outside. If your feelings are destructive, the world all around will look ominous and sinful to you. If your feelings are divine, you will find divinity and light everywhere. 

Whatever you see in the outside world is actually a part of you. For example, if there is someone who hates you, it is actually the hatred in you that has taken the form of hatred in him. In the same manner, praise or blame, good or bad are reflections of your own self. Whatever you see in the outside world, whatever you experience, has, in fact, come from within you. 

If your thoughts and feelings are pure, you can see the reflection of Divinity clearly. When your thoughts are impure and wicked, you cannot see the reflection of Divinity. Mistakes lie in your thoughts and not in the reflection. The world outside is just a reflection of your heart. If you fill your heart with love, you will experience love everywhere.

Can we find total freedom from karma? 

Yes, total freedom from ignorance and untruth about oneself, grants freedom for all karma.

So How do we negate bad karma and stop the cycle of history repeating itself? 

1. Help all, love all, serve all. Be Selfless. Give without expecting anything back. Don’t count for giving. Do loving service to those who are in need of sustenance, courage, love and help. Just like a bad seed cannot geminate when it is covered with too much earth. Equally a lifetime of good deeds, cover a multitude of bad deeds.

2. Purify your heart and grow spiritually. Take responsibility for our own growth and development, which is the reason we are reincarnated. Ego and attachment stand as obstacles in our path. Only when you give up ego and attachment will you have purity of heart, which in turn will lead you to the experience of Supreme Wisdom. When the empirical self – the person, the ego -surrenders to The Real Self, all karma will be eliminated.

3. Meditate to calm, control and transcend your mind. The whole cosmos is nothing but a projection of our mind. The mind alone is the cause of all things. The external world reflects your thoughts. If you view the world with love, it will appear to be filled with love. If you view it with hatred, everything will appear antagonistic to you. We attract exactly what we need to enable us to increase our undertaking of who we are, why we are and eventually become who we are through growth and development of virtues like patience, tolerance, honesty and other yin qualities.

How can I help you to change your Karma? 

To create a space for new and wanted, you must let go of the old and unwanted. If you would like more information on how my healing techniques can help change the karma and direction of your future by changing your past and are ready to make positive changes in your life, feel free to contact me. I would be very happy to embark on the journey of healing with you.

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