Mind hypnosis. Thinking for self-confidence increase

Mind hypnosis. Thinking for self-confidence increase

How to increase low confidence

In my everyday work, I find that many people suffer with low self-confidence, which equals low self-value, self-worth, low self-esteem. Perhaps you too like many others are looking for ways to
increase your confidence. If so, you will benefit from this message. Especially, if you are having
difficulty in forming or sustaining healthy relationships, expressing yourself freely, making
decisions, procrastinate, sensitive to others judgment of you or have self-destructive behaviours or habits.

I firmly believe that you can change everything and become highly confident if you increase your self-awareness and change the way you think.

So where do we go wrong? What makes our self-value and self-confidence fall?

People with low self-confidence have a strong need to be liked, accepted, validated by others.
Their sense of self-worth is dependent on others approval and validation.
It feels nice to be liked, accepted and loved. It is not always the case. We cannot force someone to like us as we have no control over others choices of thoughts.

People with high self-confidence are free from the need to please to be liked, validated. They are
aligned with their true selves and so feel and know they are valuable and worthy already.

People with low self-confidence think that if others like and approve of them, they are more
valuable and of value to others. As a result, meeting expectations of others rather oneself is their priority. Pleasing others to be liked is self devaluing. Self-value sacrifice for others validation and approval will further bring others devaluation and
denial of your true self-worth.

How to increase low self-value and low self-confidence?

You need to start by changing the way you think.

People with low self-confidence have the following floored thinking – “I need to be liked by
others to feel good”, “My happiness is in others hands”, “Others are responsible for how I feel”, “I am responsible for others happiness”, ‘If I am wealthy or high achiever I will have more worth”.

The truth is your true self is already valuable and worthy.
Only YOU can make you feel happy as only YOU have control over your thoughts and feelings.
Only YOU know how you truly feel and what is best for you. Therefore your validation of your
actions is the one that counts.

How do I increase my self-value and self-confidence?

· Stop looking for others approval and instead look at pleasing yourself
· Release the need to please, to be useful to be valuable or valued by others.
· Stop criticising yourself – doing your best is good enough.
· Appreciate all that you are and all you have done.
· Only do what is in alignment with your true self-desire.
· Say no when it is not right for you.
· Listen to your needs; attend to them.
· Listen to your desires and give it to you.
· Stop fearing and rejecting difference.

Accept and value your uniqueness/difference. The difference is good and is of huge value to others. It
makes us expand and grow. Wanting to be like others limits and devalues your uniqueness that is
self. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

The most important thing is that you make YOU happy. For you are the most important person you
need to please.


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