Increase self-confidence with 3 steps

Increase self-confidence with 3 steps

Confidence in oneself is one of the powerful qualities that the human psyche possesses.  By taking steps to increase your self-confidence, you give yourself a massive head start when it comes to achieving your goals.

Bill Gates was asked, “What success factors are necessary for people to have in the 21st century?“ His answer was: “Confidence in oneself and high self-motivation.”

 Increase self-confidence with these 3 steps:

1.  Confidence is believing in yourself
Confidence in oneself is faith in your own potential, that you can rely on yourself in any difficult situations. There was a time when you couldn’t walk, read, drive or swim. But you learned, adapted,  overcame. If there is something you are unable or struggling with achieving right now, you can overcome that too. To help you to develop a stronger faith in your ability to achieve success, describe 5 examples of things you have achieved. This is to remind yourself that you’re capable.

2.  Confidence is resilience. Life is full of struggles. We all get setbacks from time to time whether that is in our business, work, personal or in family life.To remind yourself to continue to be courageous and explore your power to overcome any challenges, practise appreciating your own achievements and keep them in mind. Describe 5 examples of the challenges you have overcome. This will help you to keep the balance and be resilient.

Muhammad Ali: “Many believe that the most important is to have a good movement and ability to punch strong. But the most important is to be able to withstand the punch.”

3.  Confidence is to recognise your greatness
When we fall, most of us feel guilt and shame. Remember you are not a computer and so you have a right to make a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. A mistake provides you with information you can use to evolve. Even if you did something or said something wrong, stay balanced and evolve through learning. Have confidence in that you have an abundance of good qualities and virtues.
To increase your self-esteem describe 10 strengths and qualities you and others see in you.  This is a reminder for you to recognise your own greatness.

The way forward with therapeutic help: 

I find that Theta HealingHypnotherapy  or my eclectic approach are very effective ways to improve self-confidence. If you feel you would benefit from a therapeutic help feel free to contact me. I would be happy to help you so you can realise your full potential and succeed in all areas of life.

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