Fetish treatment

Fetish treatment

Fetishism is a sexual obsession or behaviour focused on an inanimate object or body parts for sexual satisfaction. Fetishism is a variation of normal sexual behaviour but becomes a disorder when it adversely affects sexual, social and emotional functioning and starts to damage relationships.  This includes when sexual gratification and arousal is impossible without the fetish object. I have extensive experience and success in treating sexual fetishes and I have a particular interest and passion for fetish treatment.

Fetish Treatment in London
If you are suffering from sexual fetishes and it is affecting your relationships, the good news is that fetish treatment is both relatively fast and extremely effective.

How can I help you with your Fetishism
Sexual fetishism is often regarded as a particularly difficult psychological disorder to treat but I have had great success in treating complex and remedial cases who have had years of unsuccessful psychotherapy for sexual function disorders.

My unique approach to fetish treatment involves the use of integrative therapy using a combination of psychotherapy and cognitive restructuring of belief systems, or hypnosis alone.  These have proven to be very efficient in fetish treatment and I have an outstanding record of success.


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