Cure depression by cutting its roots

Cure depression by cutting its roots

Understanding Depression

Many people suffer from depression in silence and see it as a poison they have to endure. Depression is a symptom and has a cure.

Let’s imagine for a moment depression to be a poisonous tree. Its roots stem from the bad seeds. These seeds can be compared to repressed, unresolved negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs in the human mind. They ‘feed’ depression.

To cure depression, the roots of the poisonous tree must be cut out.

About Anna’s depression story

Anna suffered from depression, feeling overwhelmed from continuous mental and emotional anguish. She was on anti-depressants, but they were not helping.

This is not the first time I have heard a client say that anti-depressants don’t help. I believe antidepressants only help to manage the day to day life but cannot cure depression. The cure lies in treating the root cause of the illness.

After talking about Anna’s feelings during the session, I quickly learned that her underlying causes for the depression were her suppressed anger and the unresolved hurt towards her mother. Her mother had an eating disorder and since early childhood, she had continuously criticized Anna’s body. Consequently, Anna had become self-conscious about her own body and her self-worth became dependent on external validation. She lost self-confidence, avoided people and stopped working.

Feeling stressed, worthless and depressed are often ways the brain will process unprocessed negative emotion.

Once you resolve these negative emotions, you can get rid of other symptoms of depression.

Anna’s depression cure

Psychotherapy helped Anna to process her unresolved feelings. Integration of Theta healing and Hypnosis reprogrammed her negative self-beliefs into positive.

Anna learned that although her mother has issues with her body she doesn’t need to follow the same path. She made a conscious choice to love herself and her body without the need to be perfect and that she is valuable independently of her looks. She started to value herself more.

This boosted her self-confidence and self-worth. Her mood stabilised and her symptoms for depression cleared.  To find out how you can manage depression please follow this link .

Cure depression through Positivity

Curing depression can be a long process. Be alert of the unconscious and unhealed beliefs that influence your life in a negative way. Choose positive thoughts about yourself and others. This will keep you aligned with your true self and therefore powerful.

The way forward with therapeutic help

If you have any questions or feel that you would benefit from having a therapeutic help to overcome depression feel free to contact me.


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