Bereavement and loss

Bereavement and loss

Bereavement and loss in life are inevitable. It is something we are all guaranteed to experience at some point in our lives. Even so, nothing can prepare us for the trauma associated with losing a loved one when the moment arrives and it can have a devastating effect on all concerned. One the thing we know, life must go on, not just for yourself but for other people around you who may depend on you. There are many reasons why we may feel the way we do. It may be due to death of a loved one, it may be as a result of a divorce or separation, pet loss and bereavement are very common, or even something as simple as moving home or a personal injury.

Whatever the cause of the loss, the symptoms remain the same. It may lead to acute phases of sadness, anger, guilt and even depression.  If untreated, it may ultimately lead to mental and physical health issues as well. We all need time to grieve – but the body and mind also need to start the healing process.

How Natalia can help you to deal with loss bereavement and grief

If you have lost a loved one, this may sound an almost impossible task but we all know that our loved ones would not want us permanently disabled by their parting. No more than if it were the other way round.

I have found that psychotherapy and hypnosis are extremely effective treatments to help you through the various stages of loss and bereavement and help you move forward rapidly.


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