Ways to control anxiety for anxiety free living

Ways to control anxiety for anxiety free living

Anxiety Free Living. Ways to control Anxiety.

You and I, we all have felt anxious in our life experiences. It is only human to feel nervous, worried, anxious and we all do so at times when we face various challenges and tribulations. However, if you frequently experience anxiety and it affects your daily routine and living then there is a problem. 

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion characterised by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by mental, emotional and physical symptoms such as nervous behaviour, restlessness, tension, stress, panic attacks, inability to relax and concentrate. Some of the physical complaints are typically back or neck pain, abs, insomnia, and chronic fatigue. Suffering prolonged Anxiety can also result in the development of addictions, deterioration in health, difficulty in relationships, decrease in performance, career and overall quality of life. 

Causes for Anxiety: 

Some reasons for our fears are conscious, those you know about, and others are subconscious, those you are unaware of, but the feelings for both surface independently of your awareness. There are a few factors that can cause anxiety. 

One of the main causes of anxiety is how you cope with life, whether it’s inherited or learned.

For example, you may subconsciously think and believe that to expect the worst is to be prepared for the worst.  The problem with such thinking and belief is that whilst the brain thinks it is protecting you and makes you survive by keeping you on your toes in a constant state of fear by focusing on and imagining the worst… to be prepared and ready for a fight or flight. It is damaging as this belief is causing you to imagine, projecting and exaggerating risks, or danger that keeps you continuously negative and anxious. Feeling this way paralyses your power and freedom to take actions and to be free. To sum up, subconsciously you may think: feeling anxious keeps me alive but the reality is it’s stopping you from living. 

Another cause for anxiety can be unresolved traumatic life experiences showing themselves through symptoms of anxiety.   

In all cases, fear, anxiety and worries are fuelled by negative thoughts and beliefs. Anxiety and fear are often triggered by uncertainty, unpredictability, vulnerability, judgment, rejection, and being alone – the basis of which is a need to avoid being hurt.

The basis for the triggers of anxiety is your own thoughts and beliefs of helplessness, powerlessness, separateness, worthlessness, inadequacy, low self-belief and lack of self-confidence.

Despite the conscious awareness of the adverse effect of negative beliefs and thoughts in making you feel anxious or even ill, your brain holds on to them to protect you from getting hurt. This makes it harder to change negative thinking patterns with positive thinking alone. 

So how do we free ourself from anxiety? 

  1. First, become aware of your thoughts and beliefs. Understand the basis for your feelings of anxiety and fear. With the conscious understanding for the basis of your fear, you will gain awareness and more self-control. For this ask yourself: what is my fear about? What do I fear?  What would be the worst outcome if I did what I want to do despite the fear?  
  2. Embrace the feelings and imagined outcomes of fear. If you run away from fear, you will continue to be chased by it. If you face the fear, you will free yourself from it.  By facing fear, you will overcome it. By accepting the fear, you will let go of it. For this, allow yourself to see the worst scenario projected by your mind, and allow yourself to feel the worst outcome of your imagined fear realised. Stay with this feeling. 
  3. Although the feeling of anxiety and fear can feel extremely unpleasant, or even paralysing, at times do not fear your emotions. Know you have total control over them. Transform the unwanted feeling of anxiety and fear to free yourself from its anchors, outgrow it, shift to a higher vibration. To transform your anxiety, give undivided attention to your feelings and embrace them by allowing yourself to feel what this feels like. Go inside them as if you are diving into the depths of a deep ocean, with your subconscious totally open to experience all it has for you without resistance. Only through total acceptance can you embrace the feeling and process it. This can be compared to taking medication which you really don’t like the taste, but you know that swallowing it will cure you. It’s the same with the feeling of fear, anxiety, worry, grief and any other unpleasant feelings. Open yourself to the feeling of concern like a medication capsule for its better absorption. You will be surprised to see a very quick shift and release from it. The more you practice, the better you will get in controlling your feelings. 
  4. Silence your mind. Just like for the ripples on the water to stop, the water must become still, so it is for your thoughts and emotions to stop, your mind has to be silenced. Calm your mind by focusing on something such as meditation, repeating a mantra, or by simply focusing your eyes on a spot for 5 minutes without moving and thinking that is meditating with open eyes. 
  5. Reprogram your subconscious. Be fearless, be brave and have the courage to act and make decisions. Believe in yourself and trust yourself. 

The following meditation healing session is designed to calm your emotions and feelings. It aims to transform unwanted feelings of anxiety and fear into fear free actions and ways of being. It is to program yourself for better control over your emotions. It is to rewire your brain and subconscious mind with positive programs for emotional stability, strength, calmness and peace by raising your self-belief, and self-confidence.

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