Alcohol Problems

Alcohol Problems

For many people, alcohol and other addiction problems are caused by the need to relieve some physical or mental anguish in their lives by, literally, altering their state of consciousness. Any euphoria that alcohol provides is very short lived. People with alcohol problems rapidly spiral downwards as the alcohol starts to affect other parts of their lives.

Treatment for alcohol problems

Alcohol problems can be devastating for everyone concerned. What are the symptoms and signs of an alcohol problem?

  • More than nine million people in the UK drink more than the recommended daily allowance. Over seven million people are unaware that alcohol problems are affecting both their lives and the lives of the people around them.
  • The first sign that alcohol problems exist is you find you are drinking daily and are unable to restrict or abstain from your drinking habit – despite repeated efforts. Some people do not drink every day but may go on occasional binges and remain intoxicated for two or more days. Both
    scenarios indicate a dependence on alcohol.  The side effects of alcohol abuse are many and varied. Alcoholics soon experience problems with family and friends and it's not long before it also starts to affect their performance at work.
  • Occupational problems quarrel with family members, sometimes violence when intoxicated, frequent absences from work, are all signs that the alcohol problems are an issue and help is urgently required to stop any further deterioration.

How can I help treat you for alcohol problems and alcohol abuse?

  •  I have helped many people solve their drinking problems over the years and I am confident I can do the same for
    you. I use various treatments and therapy. Integrative therapy using psychotherapy or hypnotherapy (or a combination of the two) has proven to be a very successful treatment over the years.  Identifying and changing the underlying belief systems for the individual suffering from alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency problems is key to the successful treatment of all alcohol problems.  My numerous clients who have previously
    suffered from alcohol problems report that they are now able to exhibit control over their old destructive habits and patterns.

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